The Emotional Yoga Experience: Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind
by Daralyse Lyons

The Emotional Yoga Experience will provide you with a step-by-step approach that can help you become free of your self-limiting problems once and for all.

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MSRP: $10.95

Yoga Healing
"Hello, Dara! I feel independent these days, less attached to things and people and pressures. I attribute that to Emotional Yoga. Thank you. I can't wait for another session with you! Your work is transforming me from a scared little girl into a confident, vibrant woman. I finally feel like I am emerging."

- Julia (Chestnut Hill, PA)

"I'm becoming a new person, feeling more optimistic about the future than I have in a long time! It is amazing the changes that take place when one positively alters their energy field."

- Tom (Philadelphia, PA)

"Hi Dara! It was great working with you. I think my session with you was worth ten sessions with my psychiatrist! You helped me get to the root of my emotional issues/blockages very quickly. I was able to connect some pieces that I hadn't been able to on my own. I was amazed by your high level of empathy in sensing what was coming up for me. Thank you."

- Samantha (Greenwich, CT)

"Dara, thank you again. I had an amazing opening. I feel renewed and refreshed. Because I am a yoga teacher myself, I didn't expect to be so transformed by this work. Apparently, I had some emotional healing left to do. Namaste."

- Kyra (Mt. Airy, PA)

Daralyse Lyons
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