About Daralyse Lyons
Hi! My name is Daralyse Lyons and I am the founder of the Emotional Yoga approach to healing and wholeness. I'm a walking testimonial for the technique, having used it to recover from a rampant eating disorder, OCD, depression, anxiety and PTSD. My life before finding Emotional Yoga felt hopeless. In fact, I was told by some medical and mental health practitioners that I would never be able to recover from my eating disorder and other emotionally-driven maladies.

So, I sought answers elsewhere. When I first began practicing yoga, I used to sit in silence and emotions which I had buried deep within my body finally began to spring forth. Through yoga, I began to become aware of the stored body-pain that had accumulated over years of emotional trauma. Yet, yoga only gave me a means of recognizing my pain. It did not ease the emotions that arose "on the mat."

I had been going to therapy for many years. I went to psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, nutritionists and even hypnotherapists. I believed that if I could correct my negative thinking patterns I could let go of my bulimia and move beyond my childhood traumas. Then, I stumbled upon something called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Effectively, EFT functions as emotional acupressure. The technique, developed by Gary Craig, is designed to either reduce or eliminate emotional and physical stress by unblocking energetic meridians through tapping on pressure points. Generally, the EFT practitioner works with his or her clients to uncover issues through talk therapy followed by this tapping technique. I was hooked from the first session. I let go of negative emotions that I had never been able to release. Yet, for me, something was missing. I benefited greatly from EFT alone; however, my bulimia persisted and I remained behaviorally and emotionally stuck.

The idea to combine yoga and EFT came to me suddenly. I realized that, instead of uncovering the issues that needed to be released through my thoughts, I could get to the underlying feelings physically. The body possesses intuitive emotional wisdom. By tuning in to the body's messages and by linking specific yoga postures with specific emotions, I could unearth traumas and fears and hurts that were stored within my body. I could then perform the EFT tapping sequence in order to achieve breakthroughs. These methods have lead me to lasting emotional freedom.

From my own healing, I began to work with others to cultivate yoga practices specifically designed to help them to break down their emotional walls. The techniques that I have developed are easy to use and provide a clear pathway to healing.
Daralyse Lyons is a Certified Yoga Instructor. She received her Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Education Institute (a Registered Yoga Alliance School). She has also been trained in Advanced Level EFT. She works with individuals, couples, and groups to help people transform themselves and their lives.

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