1. Can I do Emotional Yoga on my own?
Yes and no. The Emotional Yoga technique requires tuning in to the wisdom of the body and allowing your body to articulate your emotional state. The practice holds that your experiences in your body and "on the mat" act as a mirror for your experiences in life. Sometimes, we can access these emotions without the aid of an Emotional Yoga practitioner. For those people that are deeply disconnected from their bodies (like I was when I first began practicing yoga), it may be difficult initially to hear the body's messages without the help of someone who knows about the various yoga postures. Likely, tuning in to the body will allow certain emotions to emerge but you may be unaware of the connections between these emotions and the things that need to be "tapped out." With practice, you will gain awareness and be increasingly able to utilize the Emotional Yoga techniques independently.

For most people, the answer lies in an in-between approach and the most beneficial way of doing Emotional Yoga is to work on oneself with occasional visits to a Certified Emotional Yoga practitioner to deepen the emotional healing and uncover any vestiges of stored emotional trauma. We cannot always see for ourselves those issues that are struggling to surface.
2. Why is Emotional Yoga more effective than using either EFT or yoga alone?
Emotional Yoga is designed to unearth emotions that are stored within the body and then to release their energetic impact upon us. Yoga gives us a way into the body and a language for expressing ourselves. It unites us with our internal landscape. EFT releases negative energy from the body. The reason the Emotional Yoga approach can be more effective than EFT alone is that, in Emotional Yoga, both the diagnosis and the treatment occur at the level of the body. The traditional diagnostic approach for EFT relies on the mind for answers. This can be limiting because clients have to interpret their emotional experiences and use their brains to try and make sense of their feelings. Taking this approach, analysis is still essential to the healing process. However, as Gary Craig points out in his explanation of EFT, "The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system."

If the problem occurs within the body, and if the solution exists in freeing the body's energy, then shouldn't the diagnosis occur within the body as well? Advanced EFT practitioners can use muscle testing to diagnose imbalances in the body's energy system. So even in EFT there is an acknowledgement of the need to use the body to diagnose and heal itself. Emotional Yoga allows the body to speak for itself and the mind to interpret rather than using the mind to articulate for our body. You may experience relief using yoga alone or EFT alone, but why not combine the modalities for true and lasting healing that permeates mind, body and soul?
3. How often should I do Emotional Yoga?
The miracle of these techniques is that they release negative emotions. Once the attachment to the emotion or the behavior or the physical problem is gone, it will be gone forever. I still advocate performing yoga and EFT on your own on a regular basis because these techniques are useful in helping us continue on a path of positive development. But, the clients that come to see me find relief! And once they experience freedom from their longstanding problems, the freedom lasts. Emotional Yoga has become a way of life for me; but, it need not be part of your daily, weekly, or even monthly repertoire. Try it, feel better, and then stop and maintain whatever progress you've achieved. Or keep going and keep growing!
4. How do I become an Emotional Yoga practitioner?
The only way to gain certification and mastery in the Emotional Yoga techniques is through yours truly (that's me!). As the creator of this new method (which combines yoga and EFT) I am dedicated to helping you to help others to heal. The certification process is entirely individualized and depends upon your existing knowledge of yoga and EFT. If you wish to become an Emotional Yoga practitioner, email me directly at emotionalyoga@aol.com or call (267) 297-5787 and we can discuss creating a program tailored specifically to your needs so that you can gain all of the knowledge and skill necessary to this blended approach to healing. Certification is affordable and accessible so please reach out and find out what you will need to become certified in Emotional Yoga and obtain a certificate from the Emotional Yoga Center.

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