Emotional Yoga Videos

The following videos will empower you to feel safe, happy, and strong. Through the practice of Emotional Yoga, learn how to use yoga to connect to your negative emotions and use EFT to release them. These instructional videos allow you to practice this unique healing technique from the comfort of your home. Download any and all of these videos in order to rapidly reap the benefits of Emotional Yoga.

Facing your Fear - $3.95
Fear is an intense and primitive emotion. It exists on a spectrum, causing you to feel anything from mild anxiety to overwhelming panic attacks. Fear is a justifiable emotion stemming from the fight or flight response, the primitive desire to either stand up to or escape from that thing which frightens you. However, you may find that even after the initial source of your justifiable fear goes away, your internal angst remains. If you are experiencing unwarranted feelings of fear, or disproportionate levels of anxiety, the chances are that your entire body is on overdrive, that your system is pumping with adrenaline and that your mind, body, and emotions are perpetually in a state of crisis. Becoming free of this destructive emotion is essential for experiencing internal peace and tranquility. So how can you let go of fear? Try Emotional Yoga.

Dealing with Vulnerability - $3.95
As human beings, we are all vulnerable. Yet, you may feel overly exposed and emotionally raw. If your vulnerability is adversely impacting your life, or if you are unable to allow yourself to exhibit any real or perceived weaknesses, either extreme is detrimental. Your relationship with yourself needs to shift in order for you to develop connections with yourself and others. Once you can establish a healthy sense of vulnerability, you will be able to let go of self-destructive methods for covering up your vulnerabilities. Such self-destructive coping mechanisms as emotional eating, alcoholism, addiction, self-cutting, etc. can be released effortlessly once we treat the energetic upset underlying our need to cover up feelings of exposure and weakness. So how can you deal with vulnerability? Try Emotional Yoga.

Letting go of grief - $3.95
When you lose someone or something you love, it is natural to experience feelings of grief. It is healthy to acknowledge when you've suffered a loss and to give yourself adequate time to process your sorrow. Yet, sometimes, you may feel incapable of moving past the feeling of emptiness which arises after a loss. Grief can begin to pervade your life. It is impossible to live without experiencing some loss, whether a loved one has died or an opportunity has been missed. This sense of loss and longing for the person or thing that is missing from your life may be acutely felt or it may not seem to impact your everyday life. However, mourning robs you of your energy and affects your body and your mind. Suffering a significant loss can even impact your ability to connect. If you've lost a family member or loved one, you may feel jaded and wary of loving again or you may cling desperately to your remaining loved ones, afraid that you'll lose them too. Grief leads to numerous actions and reactions (or even inaction). When treated at its source of energetic upset, you can move past mourning and accept your losses. You can heal. So how can you let go of grief? Try Emotional Yoga.

Try all-three (Facing your Fear, Letting go of Grief, and Dealing with Vulnerability) - $10.00

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